Jaaferiya School Attendance and Absence Policy


Regular and punctual attendance is very important. Students need to attend regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. A student who has enrolled is expected to attend punctually on all days the school is open.

In order to counter low attendance and lateness, which is correlated with both low levels of learning and classroom disruption, as well as to provide fair access to all children, an attendance policy will be applicable to all students.

Authorised Absence 

An absence is classified as authorised when a student has not attended for a day or part of the day for a legitimate reason

If a student has been unwell, out of city, or if there is an emergency that they can’t attend, parent need to call/text School Manager on 07961982005 as soon as possible

Unauthorised Absence

An absence will be classified as unauthorised when a student has not attended for a day or part of a day without informing the school


Maulana will call all students, at 11:00 am, who are not present at that time to find out reason for absence

Once a student has two unauthorised absences in a month, parents will be formally contacted by the school for a meeting to advise them that their child has been absent for two unauthorised days. An opportunity will be provided for parents to state if there are any extenuating circumstances which the school should take into consideration. Parents will also be advised that a further two unauthorised absences will result in their child’s place being taken off the school roll.

Parents will then need to re-enrol their child; their child’s application will be treated as a new enrolment.  Any fees paid for the academic year in which a student’s space is withdrawn will be non-refundable.

If a student is late twice consecutively without a valid reason they will be charged £5 for every occurrence, They will be sent a letter asking to bring £5 next Saturday

last updated 4th March 2018